Feeder Module

Package include :

1 x  Feeder Module

2 x End Cap

1 x Test Tube Connector (Fit For 17mm Outer Diameter Test Tube)

1 x Module Connector

1 x Test Tube  (17mm Outer Diameter)


Module Size 

80mm(L) x 40mm(L) x 20mm(H)



When the first generation of ants are born, you will be exposed to them more frequently. Because you need start to feed them, at this stage, giving them too much space will feel uneasy and even some ants will get lost. Because of this, we designed this module, and the user can easily cope with this situation.



We designed two for the feeder hole, one side for the seeds another side of the insect,  transparent cover top of the module, so that you can clearly know the amount of food used.



Recommended for use with the test tube connector to solve the ant's need for water.


Feeder Module

Connector or End Cap color