Queen Ant Formicarium Module - Large Size

Package include :

1 x Queen Ant Formicarium Module - Large Size

1 x test tube (17mm Outer Diameter )

1 x Test tube connection (Fit For 17mm Outer Diameter Test Tube)

1 x End Cap

1 x Red transparent acrylic cover 3mm thk

1 x Back opaque acrylic cover 3mm thk

1 x Needle Tip Bottle

1 x Allen/Hex Key


Module Size 

80mm(L) x 80mm(L) x 20mm(H)



In addition to the test tube setup, our Queen Ant Formicarium Module is also suitable for single queen living,In order to reduce the interruption to the Queen,The nest we designed is scalable, Queen ant can live here all the time without having to move.recommend Queen ant size over 10mm or above.


Moisturizing system

The moisturizing system is also divided into high-rise and low-rise, and the nest is also divided into dry and wet areas,Queen ant can choose where to live,Laying eggs and hatching eggs! Provide a more comfortable living space!


Plaster is also sterilized at 200 degrees to ensure cleanliness and hygiene, so that buyers can use it with absolute peace of mind.


Ants are very sensitive insects. As long as a small vibration, ants can feel it.So the top red cover film has a larger hole above the plaster. It is easier to see the gypsum tank condition and we have expanded the water inlet, which has reduced the impact or harassment on the queen when you refill the water.


Red transparent acrylic cover & Back opaque acrylic cover

Red transparent acrylic cover can blocks out visible light to the ants making them think they are in the dark,this design is great for our new and/or young ant keepers who want to take a look at their queens everyone once in a while.


Back opaque acrylic cover can completely cover you queen ant at dark.because some ant keeper they think the Queen ant and ant still can be impact or harassment by useing Red transparent acrylic cover.


We will provide both acrylic cover to let our ant keeper choose which one they like!!!


How To Use


Fill three tank water for first time than refill one to two tank per week.


The above products are designed by our years of experience in raising ants.With different modules, now you can design your favorite nests yourself.


When your ant colony need to expand, you don't need to spend a lot of money to buy a bigger ant nest and move your Queen ants, all you need is another module, than Plug it to existing module, that is it.

Queen Ant Formicarium Module - Large Size

Connector or End Cap color